How Do You Maximize Your Therapy Sessions?

All Training Session Controls are immediately at the clinician’s fingertips during patient treatment, making for a seamless and time-efficient session.
  • Experience complete control with both the Handheld and PC
  • Make changes and adjustments on the fly without being tied to the PC or having to stop therapy
  • Seamlessly transition between activities without pausing
  • No task selection is required and there are no distinct modes to operate within
  • All training controls and operations are located on a single screen for simplicity and flexibility
Set and Adapt Fall Limits
The Fall Limit gives the patient a safe window of space in which to work and be challenged, while protecting the patient from falling. Patients experience security and develop confidence to attempt more challenging activities.
  • Fall limits can be set between 1” – 36,” based on patient ability and activity
  • Clinicians can completely disable the Fall Limit
  • Adjust Fall Limits in real time during elevation changes and transfers (e.g., sit-to-stand)
Collect Patient Data to Measure Progress
The Vector tracks and stores training session data on the PC to quantify outcomes measures over time.
  • Export numerical training session data
  • Print graphs and reports
  • Multiple trolley systems have automatically synchronized patient data
A Flexible, Secure Software Platform
  • Choice of PC or remote operation
  • Manually control the winch and trolley
  • Safety and emergency controls are always available and on every screen of both devices
  • Secure, HIPAA complaint patient database
  • Administrator and user log-ins
  • Available languages and regional formatting: English, French, German, Danish, Spanish, Dutch, Polish, Norwegian, Swedish
Adjust DBWS Setting
Select an appropriate percentage of the patient’s body weight to dynamically unload. Adjust this parameter throughout a therapy session to provide more or less support to the patient as needed.
Standardized Outcomes Integrated
The Vector System automatically documents test results and patient outcomes, saving you time and effort.
  • Realize outcome goals for your patients
  • Objectively measure function and quantify progress
  • Identify effective interventions
  • Adapt to tighter reimbursement
Seamless integration within the Vector software for complete control:
  • Use the PC or handheld device for patient training and Outcome Measures tests
  • Run an Outcome Measures test during a Patient Training Session
  • Adjust dynamic unloading and the fall limit, on-the-fly, before, during, and after an Outcome Measures Test
  • Emergency controls are always available
  • All training data and test results are available in Patient Summaries